Crescent Heights

By Black Spade Society

Price: HLX 500.00
Shipping Cost: HLX 0
Quantity: 1
Created By: BlackSpade Society
Released: 10/13/2022
Categories: Real Estate

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Crescent Heights

$1500 per night ~ 500 HLX per night

Newly Remodeled! One of a kind luxurious smart home in the prime city of West Hollywood. From the stunning living room, dining room, kitchen and theater room to complete this masterpiece home. Luxury is redefined in the gorgeous primary bedroom with an incomparable closet and an en-suite bathroom to rival any five-star hotel. Enjoy a Zen yard that'll allow you to unplug from the busy LA life and reconnect to a calmer self.

Other things to note: Additional fees and service : Pool Heating: $150 per day Early check in fee : $480 for 10am onwards and $260 from 1pm onwards Indoor Smoking violation: $1,000 Noise complaint: $1000 Forgotten items to ship: $200/item Lost or missing Parking garage remote: $850 Stained or damaged towels: $35/towel Stained or damaged sheets: $150/sheet set Stained or damaged comforters: $250/comforter As well as any damages to furniture/property/amenities Pet Fee: $150 for 3 days or less, $250 for 3-7 days and $350 for more than a week If Availability allows, we can offer the following departure times: 1. Late Check-out fee of $100 per hour after 11:00 am 2. Half of the daily rate for late check outs after 1:00 pm 3. Full day rate for late check outs after 4:00 pm. Things to note : This villa is located in a quiet family-friendly community. Parties are strictly prohibited and library voices to be used in the evening. Absolutely no DJs / Music allowed outdoors after 10 pm. Smoking is prohibited inside the property. Failure to adhere to these rules can and will result in having the rental canceled without a refund. Security Cameras / Noise Monitoring Please note that each home has only 3 - 15 security cameras covering the outside areas of the property. These are to remain on and running at all times, solely to be used for security purposes and to ensure the safety of the property and traveler. Security cameras can be located on all angles of the exterior property, including the pool & common areas. Additionally, we do equip each of our homes with a noise level monitoring device This is to remain active to monitor the decibel/sound levels only, to protect against noise complaints from neighbors. It does not record any conversations, simply noise levels. Lastly, we have a device connected to each home, that will alert to the number of devices at the home, to combat any large gatherings and/or parties. Note that all aforementioned data is not stored and/or deleted when no longer needed.

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