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Released: 08/16/2022
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Sleek and aggressively fast, the Pershing 90, like the missile it’s named after, is certainly striking. With its lean, aerodynamic profile, dramatic metallic Champagne-Silver looks, and thoroughbred performance, the 90-footer is not one to miss its target. Built-in Italy by Perishing and designed by acclaimed designer, Fulvio De Simoni, this Motor Yacht is the epitome of modern luxury. Come aboard and take in jaw-dropping views of Miami, Miami Downtown, Biscayne Bay, and more, all from the supreme comfort of your own yacht.

Fully renewed in 2021, the stunning interior features a sleek fusion of contemporary and classic. Plenty of lounge areas throughout the vessel lend this boat to gathering with friends and family.

Lather yourself up with sunscreen as you stretch out on the large suntanning bed located on the bow of the yacht. Don’t worry; if you burn easily, there is a beautiful lounge area with a table and sunshade, as well as on the stern. Luxurious custom-made carbon fiber tables are just another touch of the unique interior. Plus, the hidden upper deck, featuring a spacious, open-air flybridge, is the perfect place to sneak away for some private time with your significant other.

The choice of luxury materials and innovative space solutions display a harmony of design. The layout nicely balances the internal and the external, creating a peaceful experience all around.

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